Secondary Education

Children are allocated places at Secondary Schools in Horncastle according to Education Committee and Grammar School admission policies.  However, subject to places available, children may, on attaining the age of eleven, transfer to other Secondary Schools in the area.

Details of these schools and transport arrangements are available from school or from the Education Offices.  Liaisons with staff from Secondary Schools helps to make a smooth transfer.

Secondary allocation procedure for Horncastle schools where a grammar school education is offered to certain children is explained in a separate leaflet available from the school.

Below are links to the main schools which pupils choose to go to.

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School - Horncastle

Link: Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

Banovallum School - Horncastle

Link: Banovallum School

Pembroke: A Priory Academy - Cherry Willingham

Link: Pembroke: A Priory Academy Cherry Willingham

De Aston School - Market Rasen

Link: De Aston School

William Farr - Welton

Link: William Farr