Curriculum Vision

At Wragby Primary School, children are at the heart of everything we do. 

Staff have a shared vision and have developed the whole school curriculum to give meaning and motivation, inspiring the curiosity and creativity of each child. Subjects are linked together through themes making timetabling simpler and more flexible. 

Creativity is what drives our curriculum and there is ownership among staff and pupils in the learning experiences they plan. Creativity is not an addition to our curriculum but is central to the whole learning process. Children are partners in their learning, and meaningful learning opportunities are carefully planned to include first hand experiences and independent learning. Our curriculum is dynamic and open to change and modification.

Our curriculum is linked to the natural world, seasons, festivals and events. By relating the themes to real events that affect the lives of the children, it helps them make sense of their surroundings, the local, national and global communities.

We recognise the importance of the learning environment. Art and display are a high priority. Children are active in creating the learning environment around them. 

We encourage talking about learning, and the exploration of key and open questions. We understand that children learn from hands on experiences and use our outdoor learning environment, local area, visits out of school and visitors into school to enhance this. We recognise the importance of play and enquiry work from problem solving and open ended tasks.

The curriculum vision at Wragby Primary school is shared by staff, pupils, parents and governors and is evident around the whole school. Learning is exciting at Wragby, and achievements are celebrated every day.

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