The Curriculum

“A curriculum consists of all those activities designed or encouraged within its organizational framework to promote the intellectual, personal, social and physical development of its students. It includes the formal programme of lessons and the ‘hidden’ programme which includes extra-curricular activities, the quality of relationships and the concern for equality of opportunity”
(Lincolnshire National Curriculum File).

Curriculum planning involves teachers working together as a team to ensure continuity, progression and coverage of all aspects. Policy statements and curriculum planning documents are seen and approved by the Governing Body and can be seen at school on request.

Under the terms of the 1988 Education Reform Act, the National Curriculum is a statutory requirement for the education of all children within state schools from the age of five years. Pre-five year olds are taught the Early Years Foundation Stage.
English, Mathematics and Science form the core of the learning under the National Curriculum with:

  • Design Technology
  • Computing and ICT
  • History
  • Geography
  • Music
  • Art
  • Modern Foreign Languages
  • PSHE, including SEAL
  • Physical Education

being the other required foundation subjects for Primary aged children.
The Lincolnshire Syllabus for Religious Education is followed.

Through the use of prescribed programmes of study – both national statutory and county non-statutory guidelines – the children reach certain objectives.

Regular assessments and testing, for which records are kept, will be carried out in conjunction with the National Curriculum programme. Statistical data relating to the end of Key Stage tests for Wragby Primary School are available.

The progress reports are sent to parents of all children at the end of the Summer term and time is made available for parents to discuss these when requested. A Parents’ evening is held during the year at which parents can see children’s work and discuss progress and an open afternoon is held when the school can be viewed at work.

Four year olds on entering school will begin a programme of creative and structured play activities in readiness for the statutory curriculum as outlined above from the age of five, following the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Reading Schemes followed throughout the school are focused around the recommendations provided by Lincolnshire Literacy Strategy team and supplemented by commercial schemes. These include Oxford Read Tree and Ginn.

In Phonics, children follow the Letter and Sounds scheme which is supported initially through an adapted version of 'Jolly Phonics'

A round handwriting style is taught (similar to the scheme published by Nelson) and children are encouraged to join letters together from an early age. Samples of letter formations are available at the school on request.

Health and sex education are taught to an agreed policy. Wherever possible they are taught within the context of topic work. Sex education is led by the School Nurse, supported by Mrs Kenyon and is aimed at Y6 pupils. Prior to this, childrens’ questions are dealt with informally when appropriate. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from sex education. Please discuss with the Headteacher.

Religious Education

As a School we have no fixed religious affiliation and so this subject is based on an agreed syllabus laid down by the Education Authority – it is non-denominational in character. Assemblies are held each morning. Representatives of the Methodist and Church of England are regular and contributors to our assemblies.

Parents are reminded that Section 2 of the Education Act 1944 established the right of parents to withdraw their children from acts of religious worship and religious education lessons. This can be discussed with the Headteacher.

Sporting Activities

Wragby School values the role sport has to play in developing team spirit and in promoting good health. All children participate in physical activities whether it be through PE lessons (which include dance, movement and gymnastics) or games. Summer includes rounders and athletics. Both boys and girls play all the sports.

The school enters a football and netball league to give a competitive edge and achieves a good deal of success. On occasions we participate in Lincoln City’s Football in the Community programme when over a period of six weeks, the children are coached by professionals.

All children are given the opportunity to receive qualified swimming tuition and after school swimming sessions are arranged by Wragby Swimming Club.

In addition to the curriculum there is a series of extra-curricular activities operating during lunchtimes or break time.

Special Curricular Arrangements

Children who are especially gifted in any particular area will generally be taught alongside their peeps by their class teacher but with tasks differentiated according tho their ability and special programmes of work may be provided. Children who have learning difficulties are given extra help where necessary. Much of this is done in their own classroom by their own teacher.

The school’s Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is Mrs A Jones.

Mrs Kenyon is the teacher responsible for more gifted and talented pupils. We also have a Governor to have oversight of SEN.